Founder's Story


Once upon a time in the land of ear-piercing adventures, a fearless young mom and her little girl set out on a daring mission to get her ears pierced. As they stepped into the piercing parlor, they encountered the piercing lady with her piercing gun, displaying laser-like accuracy, and standing five feet away like a stylish sharpshooter.


With hearts bubbling with excitement and butterflies fluttering in their stomachs, the little girl eagerly watched as the piercing gun aimed at her mom's ear. And in a flash, "pew!" - the ear stud appeared, adorning her mom's ear like a badge of honor. The little girl couldn't contain her joy, giggling at the sight of her mom flaunting her new accessory with pride.


But as the days turned into weeks and weeks into months, mom's ear-piercing adventure took an unexpected turn. Her sensitive skin decided to make its voice heard, causing some mini-wars between earrings and skin. Alas, after a year of epic earring escapades, mom decided to bid farewell to her earring dreams.


Fast forward 20 years, and the little girl had grown into a wonderful young lady. Facing the same sensitive skin situation as her mom, she chose not to pierce her ears, settling with bare ears through various milestones in life. Graduation day, wedding day, holding her baby for the first time - all marked with her ears being bare.


But just when she thought clip-on earrings were all about limited choices and painful experiences, a brilliant idea sparked in her mind. Why not explore new possibilities and create something fabulous? And so, she founded HelloClipon, a company that offers handpicked selections of exquisite clip-on earrings, blending beauty and comfort in perfect harmony.


Life's essence is akin to water, ordinary yet essential, interspersed with delightful moments of tea, coffee, wine, and whiskey. Similar to life, clip-on earrings should not be mundane; they too deserve their unique, captivating moments that add charm and excitement to every occasion. At her store, she made sure earrings were meticulously chosen to embody timeless elegance while celebrating vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and textured designs.


The little girl turned entrepreneur had turned her journey into a tale of creativity, empowerment, and laughter. And so, HelloClipon's story continues to sparkle with each new pair of extraordinary clip-on earrings found by those who dare to explore the world of possibilities. The end – or rather, the beginning of a fabulous ear adventure!